Unites States Armed Forces Veterans in the CNMI

Today, about 1,600 residents of the CNMI are military veterans with many more returning home. Many of these local heroes and their families need reliable, affordable and accessible transportation choices to get to work and school, visit family and friends, and receive medical care and community services.

Obviously, without transportation, veterans may find it difficult to meet the challenges of returning to civilian life. Understanding the needs of veterans and their family members, COTA is now working to insure that every veteran and their families have a dignified and dedicated means of transportation for daily and special travel.

Transportation matters, both for relatively young veterans as well as for older veterans. For many veterans of all ages, transportation to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, social events or other activities has become a hardship because of a disability, illness or financial difficulties. Many no longer drive, but are more likely to need ongoing health care as they age. Increasing numbers of heroes are returning home and need access to jobs, training, social services, and mental health care and social activities. Reliable, affordable and accessible transportation is critical to meeting these needs.